Forest Grass

Midsummer Magic

With the first warm Summer breeze, 
    the fairies begin to sing.

The fae are experts in playing with our senses. 
    They make our ears mishear and our eyes tell lies.

Their songs a sweet melody, barely heard
    over the flocks of chirping birds.

We seldom see the beings with wings.
    Blinded by the brilliance of the butterflies and bejewelled beetles.

Adorned with frocks of seed pods and leaves, 
    The fae dance among the branches of trees.

As you breathe in the sweet forest air, you may smell a sweet perfume.
    Could it be a rose or perhaps a potion for your nose?

They glide through the petals with their flowered gowns with the bees, 
     spreading pixie dust like pollen with the breeze.

Remember, you are no loon if you hear their tune,
     for if you know how to listen, you really can't miss them.

They are hidden in plain sight, 
     if you'll only look in the right light.

For sometimes you must be a little less pragmatic, 
    if you want to believe in magic!